Vedanta Video is not affiliated with the Vedanta Society. However, these mondayMEDIA videos were shot with the knowledge, co-operation, and, where applicable, permission of various Vedanta Centers since the 1970s. Since starting the site, videos not filmed by mondayMEDIA are also posted or linked to and are acknowledged as such.

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Also Guided Meditations

Photo: Vedanta Society of Northern California

Swami Tathagattananda & Others

Thanks to the pandemic, we have an opportunity to untether ourselves from the bonds of our geography. Many Vedanta Centers now offer services and talks that are streamed live as well as recorded for later viewing. By broadening our web viewing habits, we are able to refresh ourselves with different perspectives on the teachings. We offer a few such links below.

NEW The Story of the Devi October 2020
3-part Series on the Chandi from the Boston Ramakrishna Vedanta Center 
Part 1 October 4


Part 2 October 11


Part 3 October 18


Swami Virajananda Dedication of Monks' Quarters at Belur Math in 1949 with Swamis Abhayananda & Nikhilananda 
(Related link: Swami Shriddharananda's Reminiscences of Swami Virajananda)


NEW & Ongoing Series
Reflections on the Bhagavad Gita #1 by Swami Tyagananda. 
Watch the entire series to date and more talks by Swami Tyagananda  at the Boston Center site or the Gita series on this site. Last Updated July 22, 2020


Vedanta Q&A & Vedanta Online Course
 with Pravrajika Vrajaprana, Swamis Atmarupananda, 
Atmajnananda, Sarvapriyananda, & Chidekananda
Also Guided Meditations by Swami Satyamayananda 
Also see the Vedanta Society of Southern California YouTube Channel

Christopher Isherwood - Who Is Ramakrishna? 
Santa Barbara Vedanta Temple, March 3, 1957


  Death & Dying Retreat
A Practical Spiritual Guide to Preparing for the End of Life
Originally Streamed Live June 6, 2020

Swami Chetanananda of St. Louis 
(Visit more current St. Louis videos here.)


SERIES Coming as Video
Swami Prabuddhananda's Guided Meditations
These 34 sessions were recorded live and held once a month when San Francisco Vedanta Temple services were in session, spanning December 1999 to May 2003. The page is being built, but here is one, a meditation on the Bhagavad Gita. The complete collection of mp3 files can be heard here on Vedanta Audio.

At Swami Vivekananda's Annual Birthday Breakfast Celebration at the Hollywood Vedanta Temple, Christopher Isherwood Reads the Swami Prabhavananda Translation of the Katha Upanishad



Master Hua  & Heng Sure at Olema Retreat

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